Sunday, June 17, 2012

Virtual Health Companion

The average reader would probably not be surprised with the title of this blog.

Virtual Health Companion

Given my affinity for the word "virtual", I suppose I had to come up with a title like this, no? 

Absolutely not. And, here's why. 

Let me first ask you this, what do you make of "Health Companion" ?

Do any of these come to your mind - health-care chapters or health-care service providers or personal health-care agents like a personal assistant or a nurse or physician etc.?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you probably belong to the 99.99% of the thinkers. Even if you answered YES to "etc.". 

However, even if you paused at the question and didn't know what to make of it, but did not answer "yes", I will give you credit for trying to step out of the norm. 

The Fallacy

Off-late, there are many start-ups in health-care that are trying to completely full-fill the vision of Virtual Health Companion. While many aspiring companies like Google have failed, Noom and other start-ups are striving hard to make a difference. I appreciate their desire to reach for the sky. Sheer will power is not enough. Although that is critical to success. An appropriate vision and accurate understanding of the entire land-scape of health-care in US and world-wide is very essential. 

Many start-ups in California (I don't want to name them publicly) and mid to large sized companies in US don't understand the true definition of health companion in today's age of mobility.

Mobility refers not only to the mind boggling adoption of mobile technology (tablets, iPads, and Droids and iPhones) world-wide but also the need of the hour for the average individual for accessibility of personal health information in a true fashion.

Yes, I had to call out iPads from Tablets.

Discover The Future Leaders

The reader needs to take a look at some of the deeply inspiring work done by NanoViova LLC, a health-care start-up in South New Jersey. While I give them credit for having picked South Jersey for its historic significance as the health-care capital of US, that alone is not the reason for my mention of NanoViova LLC.

It's the thought that counts.

NanoViova LLC has put in the time to understand the true reason for protecting PHI like its the bible of individual health information. 

NanoViova's thought leadership is best described as:

  • "We define HIT as “Human Information Technology”. 
  • "Snap Score is a service that allows a smartphone user to monitor one’s health all the time and transforms the smartphone into a truly virtual health companion to improve the lifestyle and health quality of that individual”
NanoViova LLC is developing and commercializing products to successfully create the first Virtual Health Companion.

My First Personal Trademark

Hereby, I am officially trademarking Virtual Health CompanionTM to imply what it really needs to mean.

  1. NanoViova LLC
  2. Snap ScoreTM
  3. Mobile ExchangeTM
  4. Wikipedia::Protected Health Information (PHI)

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